I offer in person personal training in Oakville and Burlington. I am able to come train you in your home and will bring equipment with me. I will also work with the equipment you have.  I offer training on either a monthly or yearly basis. This allows you a certain number of personal training sessions per week for either a monthly or yearly fee.  Training sessions are 45-60 minutes.

I also offer virtual training via Skype. This allows me to ensure you are completing the exercises with proper form. It also allows me to coach and support you through your workout so you just have to show up. This is available monthly or adhoc with another service.

I also offer distance coaching. This is where I create your training plan and send it to you weekly. You complete it on your own and let me know how it goes. I'm available via email for support/questions. Providing weekly plans means I am able to adjust your next week's workout based on how you're doing.

I also offer training/workout plans. I provide monthly plans which you complete on your own. We speak 1-2 times a month for feedback. This is best for a more experienced athlete as there is less follow up and the training plan is provided monthly.

I also do fitness testing and corporate fitness tests. Contact me for more information.

Please contact me to discuss what service would best suit your needs.

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